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Thank you so much for choosing to purchase a booth at the Denver Salsa Bachata Congress. We are super excited to present your amazing products and services to our 2000+ attendees.


There are three options for vendor booths - Front (Main), Middle Corridor, Lounge (Back). All 3 options have great traffic flow and can provide great exposure and value to your business.


You can use the attached diagram to get a general visual idea of the locations of the listed options. All rooms shown are reserved for our congress and every room is used for workshops during the day and social dancing at night.

Please pick the option you would be interested in from the list below.

If you have any questions or concerns please send us an email to

Click Below to Apply for a vendor table

Once form is submitted, we will get back to you in 2-4 weeks to inform you of the status of your vendor application

***Please read the following below in its entirety to ensure that everyone is clear about the expectations from both parties***

Important please click to open -->

This space will be right in front of the main ballroom (Aurora 1 and Aurora 2). One single table will be provided to vendor. Space allotted to each vendor is 6ft x 6ft. If your setup requires more than this, please contact DSBC prior to purchasing this space.

This space will be between the main ballroom (Aurora 1 and Aurora 2) and the back lounge area. One single table will be provided to vendor. Space allotted to each vendor is 6ft x 6ft. If your setup requires more than this, please contact DSBC prior to purchasing this space. 

This space will be in the lounge area between conference rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - closer to the side entrance way. One single table will be provided to vendor. Space allotted to each vendor is 6ft x 6ft. If your setup requires more than this, please contact DSBC prior to purchasing this space.

DSBC 23 Vendor Layout - Middleback Corridor (2).jpg
DSBC 24 Vendor Layout - Middleback Corridor (3).jpg
gfranco - Mickey Jew.jpg
gfranco - Mickey Jew.jpg
DSBC 24 Vendor Layout - Middleback Corridor.jpg
DSBC 24 Vendor Layout - Middleback Corridor (1).jpg
YAMI_GoogleLogo2 - Yami Dance Shoes.jpg


These amazing dance shoe vendor showcases the revolutionary heel and balls-of-the-foot cushions for maximum comfort while dancing. Shoes for dancers, designed by dancers! Stop by their booth to try out some of these beauties!


Body suits galore! Check out the wide varieties of fitness attire at Carioca Dance Fit. One-piece, two-piece, yes please! Check out Danielle at the Denver Salsa Bachata Congress, and be sure to save her a dance at the social. 

gfranco - Mickey Jew_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 4.38.26 PM.png
Spin com site.jpg
MYZIJI logo 03_edited.jpg


GFranco - A name that has been etched in the Latin Dance scene for quality and variety! GFranco shoes have been worn by almost any of your favorite artists ; And there is a reason. Come find out what all the fuss is about at their DSBC 22 booth. 


As dancers, we work our bodies to the extreme as we train, perform, and social dance. Namirsa massage guns are a way to show our bodies some appreciation by eliminating pain, creating faster recovery, and preventing injuries. Do yourself a favor (or for a friend) and get one of these BEFORE the congress from the website above. But still go visit their booth. They are nice guys :)


Not your average shoe company. Spin-Store takes the idea of shoes for dancers to the next level by including practice shoes, street shoes, and even sandals for those moments when you want your feet to breathe comfortably. Spin-Store also feature vegan products as an added bonus to the quality and diversity they already provide. Highly recommended! FIVE STARS!


Myziji dance apparel and shoes brings several different products to fitness and dance. Their wide varieties of outfit goes beyond bodysuits. They also offer dresses, pleated pants, stylistic sweat shirts and pants. The styles Myziji offers is unlike any other you've previously encountered. You have to see it to believe it, so go to their booth to see them - and then you shall believe!

viva la bachata.png


Live the Bachata lifestyle in all its glory. This brand is mainly known for its amazing festivals. Founded and owned by everyone's favorite DJ Emerzive and Vladi Aragon, Viva La Bachata also brings some dope gear and merch. If you hear Bachata playing in the lobby, follow it. That is how you get to the VLB booth. 





JB VDS Firma.png


"Introducing Kentucky Island Threads (KIT) - a clothing line where each piece is lovingly handcra

fted on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. KIT offers a distinctive range of vibrant styles, tailored for both lively dance socials and a cozy home training setting. Experience a noticeable difference in comfort and breathability. Our fabrics are meticulously chosen with a focus on enhancing the joy of movement and dance.



In Lak'ech Dance Academy provides a safer and more affirming space for LGBTQ2S+ people to participate in Afro Latin dance.  We produce events that are culturally grounded within Latinx traditions and communities, and have become leaders at Increasing community connection among participants.



The Zen of Dancing in the Rain is a fascinating, inspiring story written in a fast-paced and easy to read style that will remind you that you can choose to become your own science experiment, your own work of art, your own dance. It will spark in you a transformation of perspective from being one's worst critic to one's best friend. Called by therapists, "A how-to on living authentically mind, body, and soul with the life you have been given and the life you get to create," Aurita's story will take you on a journey through war, paralysis, and sorrow mirroring love, adventure, and joy. It will remind you that you don't need permission to be the first person to do something in your family. You may find yourself changing your life after reading this book



Rissy's business Lash and Dash will be providing performance and social dancing makeup all Congress long! Spots are limited! Message her or stop by her table to book a spot. She's also providing fun Congress essentials such as; rhinestones, body glitter, earrings and more! Go stop by her table to say hi and check out all the services she has to offer outside of the congress!

My name is Yvonne and I'm a Free Lance Makeup artist that provides high-quality service and expertise in sanitation and safety. I do anything from soft and full glams,  weddings, and performance makeup etc.




Dapper D shoes are all hand made high end shoes that you can dance in. We make casual and dress shoes for men and women.



Nico Martinez is a versatile, and driven professional who seamlessly blends his passion for music with his expertise in, engineering, and real estate. 

As a Colombian-born, Latino immigrant, he captivates audiences with his unique sound that fuses eclectic rhythms from diverse eras of music, aiming to unite and inspire the Denver community through live music. 

Combining 8 years of engineering/construction background with his experience in property management, acquisition, transactions, and investments as a real estate advisor; Nico’s technical knowledge, fluency in Spanish, and commitment to exceptional service have earned him a stellar reputation. 

His ability to forge lasting relationships with clients, deliver quality results, perform exceptional service, and dedication to giving back make him a standout figure in the community. Nico’s purpose is to effortlessly combine skill, care, passion, and community spirit in both his music and real estate endeavors.

David Lugo is a Colombian-born designer with a rich heritage in the fashion industry spanning over 40 years. Hailing from Bogota, his journey in the world of design began with a strong foundation in Interior and Fashion design, inherited from his family's longstanding involvement in the field.

So You Boutique

soy youboutique.JPG

🌟 Discover Your Radiant Smile and Inner Beauty at So You Boutique! 🌟


So You Boutique helps you align your spirit and beauty with Chinese Face Reading and our zenful approach with laser teeth whitening.


Our experienced team will help you achieve a dazzling, radiant smile that lights up any room in 1 hour, Your smile is the most beautiful accessory you can wear! You'll be more confident on and off the dance floor.


In addition to teeth whitening, dive into the world of Chinese face reading and unlock the secrets of your inner beauty. Our skilled practitioner will guide you through an enlightening journey, deciphering the hidden messages your facial features hold. Embrace your unique qualities and gain a deeper understanding of your true potential.


Visit our booth and experience the power of radiant smiles and enhanced self-awareness. Be ready to leave with a smile that shines brighter than ever before! ✨😁

All tickets are non-refundable, no exchanges or returns

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