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List of Donors - 2023

We are truly grateful for the generous donations made by the following individuals. Your monetary support truly helps us move our mission forward and provide the best dance event for you and everyone!
Thank You!


Charles Okaeme
Nora Reznickova
Elsa Burchinow
Anthony Lewis
Rose Bernal
Andrew Frank
Juan Limon
Cheri Lewis
Deborah Canning
Kurt Huerta
Nyejel Thomas
Jose Oropeza
Kamali Spencer
Roberta Acosta
Ellen Giarratana
Alejandro Gutierrez
Michael Kengmana


DSBC Sponsorship/Donation Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring/donation to the Denver Salsa and Bachata Congress. We believe that with your support as a sponsor/donor, we can be more successful in creating a momentous event that really drives our mission forward in the preservation and proliferation of the Latin and Afro Caribbean arts and culture through dance. And along with your support, DSBC will use our platforms, stages, and marketing team to showcase your business to our 1,000+ attendees and our wide audience on social media. Your business will be listed on our website with links to your page and we will announce your business during all 3 nightly events and live performances. In addition, upon request, we can provide a booth/table/space for your business. 

To become a sponsor, please click here or send an email to 

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