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Colorado Afro-Latin Dance and Arts Collective

CALDAC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, education, and preservation of Latinx and Afro Caribbean culture through the arts in Colorado. CALDAC events create equitable spaces that embrace all people of different orientations and different backgrounds. We celebrate our differences with recognition of our inherent oneness. 

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CALDAC 5-year Triple-C Plan

CALDAC has a 5 year Triple-C Plan as outlined below. All donations, sponsorships, and grant monies would help us properly fund the first phase that involves the main event of 2023 which will help position us to adequately execute the second and third phases. 

Cultural Awareness and Preservation (March 2022 - December 2024):
The first phase of this plan is to host our annual event to bring awareness to the Afro Caribbean and Latin Arts. Also bringing education and preserving the culture. In this phase, relationships with other organizations would be created for future leveraging and partnerships.The main events for both of those years would need to be funded. Upon the funding, the surplus can then be carried forward to implement the second phase of the plan.

Community Involvement/Engagement (January 2025 - December 2026):
Upon accumulation of sufficient funds from the first phase, the next phase of community involvement/engagement can be deployed. The goal would be to leverage the partnerships created in the first phase to provide heavily subsidized quality experiences and cultural programming for underserved communities periodically throughout the year. 

Community Empowerment (January 2027 - Future):
The third phase of this plane would be empowerment of the communities. We plan to implement scholarship programs for youth in underserved BIPOC communities. These scholarships would be mostly geared towards helping preserve the culture by being applied towards studies in programs that align with the proliferation and preservation of Afro Caribbean and Latin Culture through Dance and Music. 


(formerly known as Denver Salsa Bachata Congress)

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